There are currently 122 so-called "red alert" stalkers of the royal family being monitored by London Metropolitan Police, The Express has now revealed. All these people of interest are being categorized by the Fixed Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC), a joint task force comprised of detectives from London police as well as NHS mental health professionals.

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There are now four more people in the category marked "high concern" than last year, taking the total number to nine. London Metropolitan Police have seen a huge increase on the register of people of interest following a year of royal headlines including Prince Andrew's disastrous interview as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal exit.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex launches the Smart Works capsule collection on September 12, 2019

Expert: "The arrival of Meghan on the scene would [...] increase the figures"

Richard Aitch, a security expert at Mobius International - a specialized security service for governments and the private sector - commented on the high increase in stalkers: "Many of these people could be described as 'cranks' and 'nutters' and in many ways, although their risk has to be considered, they would to my mind pose a lesser importance to those threats emanating from terrorism."

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"The arrival of Meghan on the scene would, I believe, increase the figures somewhat for various reasons," Aitch continues, "and towards the latter part of 2019 the disclosure of the intent to leave Royal duties and move main residence to Canada would also contribute as a major influencing factor on those figures increasing."

Prince Andrew

"In addition, the Prince Andrew controversy and the strongly critiqued television interview creates an increase in disregard for the royal family, that potentially could have dangerous ramifications."

So: A year with less headlines and drama concerning the royal family would possibly get these "cranks" to calm down. We will have to wait and see...Get the latest updates and more news on the royal family right HERE...!