In new interview with her husband Prince Edward, Sophie, Countess of Wessex made a rare comment about her mother-in-law, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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While the royal couple was speaking to the commentator of the Royal Windsor Horse Show, Nick Brooks-Ward, Sophie talked about the Queen's passion for horses and ponies as well as how much the regent loves it when they win at the races.

Sophie Wessex: The Queen "always has a huge big smile on her face"

In the short clip of the interview, which was posted to the Royal Windsor Horse Show Twitter account, Sophie said: "Going back to the Queen's winners, I mean certainly I think for her, but also as a family and also anyone that comes it's in her garden and the home team are taking part just as much and she absolutely adores…"

"[...] she loves all her horses and her ponies and she loves to see them being shown. And she takes such a personal interest in them."

She continues; "We're always really hoping, whenever we bump into her, it's a question, sort of, you know, 'how many winners?' and she always has a huge big smile on her face when she's had a place, which is fantastic."

The Queen could not attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which usually takes place on the grounds of Windsor Castle, for the very first time this year since it was first launched in 1943. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, the show was instead streamed online to 83 countries from 13-17 May.

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