• Princess Madeleine of Sweden has lived in the United States since 2018
  • Again and again, she has taken criticism for it
  • She is now defended on the official royal website

The website of the Swedish royal family has presented itself in pastel tones and unpublished photos since March 29th. The texts on the pages of the individual royal house members have also been revised.

Among them is one that suggests that Margareta Thorgren, head of information, and her staff receive a particularly large number of inquiries on a specific topic.

Madeleine's move to the United States has caused criticism still today

Since Princess Madeleine (39) moved to sunny Miami, she was not spared criticism from the media and the Swedes. In August 2018, the royal court announced that she and her husband Chris O'Neill (47) and her three children would settle in Florida.


Several years have passed since then and nobody really believes in a return to Sweden for the family anymore. Her absence is particularly noticeable during important appointments. She has not visited her duchy since 2015.

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What is the name of Princess Madeleine's third child?

Madeleine is defended on the revised website

In order to appease the critical voices, a revised text can now be read on the royal family's new website.

Under a photo of the beautiful Princess reads, "HRH Princess Madeleine has lived with her family in the United States in recent years. Because she lives abroad, The Princess's public programme is limited."

In addition, to avoid the impression that Madeleine does nothing from Florida, her charity was highlighted: "In the United States, The Princess continues to be involved in the work of the World Childhood Foundation and has been the organisation's Vice Honorary Chair since December 2021."

This should hopefully smooth the crinkles in relation to Princess Madeleine for the time being.