It's been over 20 years since Princess Diana passed away. The royal is missed not only by her family members and many admirers but also her close friends.

But who counted themselves among Lady Di's best friends? Here's a look back at the late Princess of Wales's relationships with various celebrities.

Princess Diana: Friends with Elton John, Freddie Mercury

One of Diana's best friends was none other than Elton John. He accompanied the princess to countless charity events and ultimately played a special version of "Candle in the Wind" at her funeral. It was also the final time he performed that version of the song.

Lady Diana and Sir Elton John

Freddie Mercury was also one of Princess Diana's friends. Few knew that the Queen singer was close to the royal. Diana is even said to have accompanied him to a gay nightclub on one occasion.

Apparently, Freddie disguised Diana as a man so that she wouldn't be recognized, as actress Cleo Rocos once revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Princess Diana and Luciano Pavarotti, George Michael

Singer Luciano Pavarotti was also one of Lady Diana's closest confidants. Together they went to charity events and had long conversations. She also visited the tenor on several appearances and surprised him in public.

When George Michael was visiting the royal palace, he was almost always seen talking to Lady Di. The two were good friends. 

Diana was even one of the first to know of Michael's sexual orientation, as was revealed in a biography of the princess. The former Wham singer had kept quiet about his homosexuality for a long time.

Lady Diana was a huge fan of John Travolta, Liza Minnelli

When Diana traveled to the United States, then President Ronald Reagan organized a gala at the White House. The royal had only one request: to meet John Travolta. She confessed that she was a huge fan.

¡Ella misma solicitó su presencia! El día que Lady Diana bailó con John Travolta

Travolta danced with the royal all evening. In hindsight, Travolta revealed that the evening was one of the best of his life, even though Diana at first didn't want to dance. 

The actress Liza Minelli and Lady Di also became good friends. They attended various charity events together, where they talked all night.

Liza Minnelli and Princess Diana attend a party in London, 1991.

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