• As a Queen, you can't trust everyone
  • That's why she has a very small circle of friends
  • These are the Queen's confidants

As a Queen, you probably don't make friends as quickly as others. It may take some time for trust to build up. In her role, she has to weigh who she opens up to and who she doesn't. In the meantime, these people have been loyal companions for years. In the video we show you the Queen's closest confidants.

These are the Queen's closest confidants

Angela Kelly has been working for Queen Elizabeth II for almost 30 years. She is the stylist responsible for the monarch's outfits. According to The Mirror, Angela Kelly's official title is "Personal Assistant, Adviser and Curator to Her Majesty The Queen".

A longtime friend of Queen Elizabeth II is Lady Susan Hussey. She began working for the royal family in 1960. She is so close friends with the Queen that she has even become Prince William's godmother.

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Of course, members of the royal family are also among the closest confidants. The Queen has a good relationship with her younger cousin Princess Alexandra.

The monarch's daughter-in-law also plays an important role in her life. Countess Sophie of Wessex takes good care of her. Royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Fabulous that Countess Sophie for the Queen is an "unlikely rock." 

Over the years, Mabel Anderson has become a good friend of the royal lady. She was once her children's nanny. Lady Sarah Chatto is also one of her closest confidants. She is the Queen's niece. The British Queen can count on these women. They have been by her side for many years.