She likes to put the final touches on her Christmas tree!

This Is How Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Christmas

Queen Elizabeth II is "very sad" that Archie won't be coming to the UK.

Have you ever wondered what exactly the Queen does on Christmas? She has a very special way of celebrating! Let's find out what Her Majesty usually does every year during the festive season...

Royal Family traditions might be a mystery for some people. That's why this time we want to share with you exactly how the Queen celebrates Christmas every year! Back in the day when the Queen was little, she used to celebrate Christmas at Windsor Castle, but nowadays and since 1988 Her Majesty spends Christmas at Sandringham House, her country estate in Norfolk, surrounded by the other members of the Royal family!

Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal institute of International Affairs, Chatham House in London Colney, England, 2019

This is what the Queen usually does on Christmas

  • She usually puts the final touches on her Christmas tree!
  • On Christmas Day she attends the morning service at St Mary Magdalene church, which was visited by her Great-Great-Grandmother Queen Victoria back in the day
  • Each year Her Majesty sends around 750 Christmas cards which usually features a family portrait
  • All members of the Royal Family receive Christmas presents from her. The Queen also gives her personal staff puddings every year!
  • Queen Elizabeth gives Christmas trees to Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Giles' Cathedral, and the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh every year 

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed things up for the holidays for the royal family, we hope that the Queen and Prince Philip along with the rest of the royal family will still have a wonderful Christmas! 

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