• Christmas dinner is a big deal to most
  • It's no different for the royal family
  • Find out what the royals eat on Christmas

Former royal chef Darren McGrady unpacked some details to Good Housekeeping magazine. According to him, the British royals eat the same thing at Christmas every year.

What do the royals eat at Christmas?

Before the gifts are distributed on Christmas Eve, there is an afternoon tea. On the morning of December 25, a hearty breakfast follows before going to Christmas Mass together. Then a festive salad with shrimp or lobster is served as well as a turkey. Traditional side dishes such as parsnips, carrots and Brussels sprouts can be eaten with them. Christmas pudding with brandy butter is served as dessert.

After the monarch's Christmas speech, for which the whole family gathers in front of the TV, there are traditional pastries such as fruit bread. Also, according to Hello Magazine, a big fruitcake is a tradition with the royal family too.

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In the evening, the shared feasting finally ends with an elaborate buffet with up to 20 delicacies. A true feast!