• This will be the first royal Easter without the Queen
  • King Charles leads the family this year
  • Here are the details

The British royals celebrate their first Easter weekend without Queen Elizabeth II. King Charles III will take on his late mother's role at the celebrations for the first time. King Charles and Queen Camilla will attend Easter Mass at York Minster Cathedral on April 6th. Charles will distribute the famous Maundy coins there. 

King Charles has big shoes to fill

The ceremony has been held in England every year since 600 AD. During the event, King Charles will present specially minted silver coins to 74 men and 74 women to thank them for their service to local communities. Having assumed this role from the Queen last year, Charles is intimately familiar with this historic Easter ceremony. 

Also interesting:

For the remainder of Easter weekend, Charles will lead the royal family as King for the first time, which is bound to be very emotional. According to 'express.uk', honoring Queen Elizabeth will be the focus of the celebrations. 

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