During an interview with Good Morning Britain, Thomas Markle had a message for his daughter Meghan's husband, Prince Harry, urging him: "Man up and fly down and see me. And we’ll talk." Later on he was asked what he would say to Meghan, and he replied: "I’d say ‘I love you’ and ‘Let’s sit down and work this out.’"

Meghan was Thomas Markle's "closest thing for years"

Thomas Markle also added that Meghan was "the closest thing to me for years and years and years until she went off to college and even then." Then he explained why he doesn't think the backlash she's receiving is due to racism, "there’s never been a problem with Meghan in terms of her race. I think England is far more liberal than the U.S.," he said.

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Thomas Markle says "it's never going to work" 

Thomas added: "I think they’ve hurt the Queen. I think they’ve hurt the royals — and it just doesn’t work to be going to another country and serving England. It’s never going to work. I’m a little embarrassed and feeling very sorry for the Queen."

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The 75-year-old, who recently revealed that he doesn’t believe he will see his daughter again until his funeral, claimed to be disappointed with what's happening. "Of course, I love my daughter, I certainly would love my grandson, and I’d love Harry if I met him I’m sure," he said.

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