• European royal families have quite a few generations in training
  • Some of our favorite European royals are all grown up now
  • Many of them have begun enacting royal duties already

In a few more years they too will be performing royal duties, and some of them are already doing so now. In time, European royalty will have a completely new look. And we are al here for it! In this video we'll show you how big the children of the new generation of royals are now!

These young royals are ready to take over

It's hard to believe it, but Princess Leonor and Sofia of Spain have transformed themselves tremendously in the last few years. These days, the daughters of King Felipe and Queen Letizia have grown into beautiful young ladies.

Also interesting:

As the crown princess, Leonor even practices her speaking at public events. She is already showing Spaniards that she has what it takes to be their queen in the future, and the general public seems to be very happy about the future of the monarch with her in charge!

Watch the video above to learn more!