• Felipe VI is the King of Spain
  • His family fills out the line of succession
  • Here are the Top 10 in line to Spain's throne

Spain is one of the monarchies active in Europe today. Much like the British royals, the Spanish Royal Family has been rocked by scandals over the years, including the abdication of King Juan Carlos I in 2014.

Today, Juan Carlos's son rules as King Felipe VI alongside his wife Queen Letizia. After the King, this is what the line of succession to the throne looks like.

This is the Spanish line of succession

First, we should note: Spain follows the male-preference system. It dictates succession and made Felipe the King ahead of his elder sisters Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina. Elena was the heir presumptive for five years, until Felipe was born and became the heir.

The line of succession is made up of King Felipe's daughters and his sisters and their children. Here's the Top 10:

  1. Princess Leonor (b. 2005)
  2. Infanta Sofia (b. 2007)
  3. Infanta Elena (b. 1963)
  4. Felipe de Marichalar (b. 1998)
  5. Victoria de Marichalar (b. 2000)
  6. Infanta Cristina (b. 1965)
  7. Juan Urdangarin (b. 1999)
  8. Pablo Urdangarin (b. 2000)
  9. Miguel Urdangarin (b. 2002)
  10. Irene Urdangarin (b. 2005)

As you can see, Princess Leonor, daughter of King Felipe and Queen Letizia, is the heir presumptive to the throne. She's followed by her sister Sofia, then her aunt Elena and her two children, and Cristina and her four children.

The Spanish line of succession

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These days, the Spanish royals are trying to move past their recent scandals and regain the trust of the people. The King even disclosed the Royal Family's finances as part of the effort.

King Felipe's wife Queen Letizia is also quite popular, and there are many interesting facts to know about her.