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Prince William Was Involved In Deciding Prince Andrew's Future

Virginia Roberts Giuffre has had an interview with the BBC that will be a one hour special airing on Monday December 2. Prince Andrew recorded a disastrous interview about his friendship with the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein and also the claims made by his accuser, Virginia Roberts. It's time to hear Roberts' side of the story...

Virginia Roberts: "He knows what happened, I know what happened"

During the interview with Roberts Giuffre, listeners can expect her to tell her side of the story which includes alleging that she slept with the Duke of York multiple times. "It was a really scary time in my life," Virginia shares. "He knows what happened, I know what happened. And there's only one of us telling the truth," she adds.

Prince Andrew denies all allegations

Prince Andrew denied ever having met Virginia Roberts and having sex with her with she was only 17 years old. He also alleges that the picture of the two of them, with his arm around Roberts' waist is photoshopped. The Prince and the Epstein Scandal will air on BBC One at 4 p.m. ET on December 2.