• Duchess Meghan was photographed during a Zoom call
  • In the picture, she wears her natural curls
  • The fans love Meghan's look

Wow! How beautiful does Duchess Meghan (41) look with her natural curls?! A fan recently posted a screenshot of the royal on Twitter. The picture was posted by another woman who had a Zoom call with the Duchess. 

Duchess Meghan presents her curls

Duchess Meghan presents her curls in the call. Without much styling, the former actress sits in a natural look, letting her gorgeous mane fall over her shoulders. She smiles sweetly at the camera.

The user who reposted the picture wrote in her caption: "Omgggg!!!! New #PrincessMeghan sighting. How gorgeous does she look?!!! Shared by a girl #meghanmarkle was having a zoom call with. Possible Archetypes launch soon!!"

Whether she's talking about her latest addition to the family that she and Harry recently adopted, we aren't too sure?

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