• Prince William is future King of the UK
  • His wife Kate Middleton will likely be Queen Consort
  • See what changes for Queen Kate in our video!

It is hard to guess all that will happen when Charles (as King of England) passes away. We do have an idea though of some of the protocols by looking at Operation London Bridge, the codename for when Queen Elizabeth dies.

Upon the death of the Sovereign, the private secretary will contact the British Prime Minster with the phrase "London Bridge is down". The news will then be conveyed to all the member countries of the British Commonwealth. Several news channels have long rehearsed what to do upon receiving word that the Queen is dead.

What Will Happen To Kate Middleton When She Becomes Queen?

The new Sovereign will choose their regnal name and will begin a tour of the United Kingdom as their first act. Parliament will be recalled and Buckingham Palace will post a notice on its gates. It is expected in these modern times that the palace's website will also have a similar notice posted.


The funeral will happen nine days after the death of the Sovereign. When the current Prince William becomes King, a moment many royal fans are looking forward to, Kate Middleton becomes Queen. So what changes for Kate at that time?

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Watch the video above to learn what is entailed when Kate assumes this new role.