• Adoption isn't very common for royal parents
  • But is it actually banned?
  • Here are the rules and facts on royal adoption

The Royal Family is known for upholding many very old traditions, and it seems that lots of British people like it that way.

But there have also been many recent changes in the Royal Family, which have modernized and broken some of the rules.

One of the most interesting questions – and one that would completely break a great tradition – would be: What happens if a royal adopts, or has adopted in the past?

Everything to know about royals adopting kids

In the past, Queen Victoria adopted a girl who was formerly a slave after failing to get a treaty against slavery. But this girl never received any title.

There was also a King of Jordan, Hussein, who adopted a girl after both the Queen and the girl's parents died on the same flight. But she also had no title or right of royal inheritance.

If the heir to the throne adopted a child...

Marlene Koenig, a respected royal expert, said that "adopted children would not have succession rights or a title."

This is because, since the death of Queen Anne in 1714, one must be a blood descendant of the monarch, after the throne was given to King George I.

Also interesting:

Royal experts seem to agree that changing these rules is not impossible but rather unlikely.

It would have to go through Parliament, and "there hasn't been any need to make it happen," according to expert Eloise Parker.

Parker added that "while politics is unpredictable, the royal family stays the same, and that forms a big part of Britain's national identity."

Such a change – to adoption rules – would affect family members in line to the throne...

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