• After the Queen died, Prince William became heir to the throne
  • Prince William would get a new title when he becomes King
  • THIS is what William's name as King could look like

In the British monarchy, Kings and Queens often have what's known as a "regnal number" in their official name.

As with King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth II, this number distinguishes their reign from that of predecessors who ruled with the same name.

For instance, today's Charles is "the third" to be King, after two reigns in that name in the 17th century.

Elizabeth II, Charles III, William ?? His title as King

Often, this number becomes part of what we call a ruler every day. So what about the new heir to the British throne – Prince William?

When Prince William eventually succeeds his father Charles, he would become: King William V.

The last William on the throne was William IV, who ruled for just under seven years in the 1830s. He was succeeded by his niece, the ascending Queen Victoria.

Of course, it is also possible that Prince William could take the throne under a different name.

Also interesting:

That's happened occasionally throughout royal history, but it hasn't occurred since King George VI, whose given first name was Albert.

Still, it seems unlikely Prince William would change his name, after the reigns of King Charles and Queen Elizabeth before him.

After all, he is a household name around the world.

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