• Meghan Markle recently launched her podcast Archetypes
  • In recent weeks she has had several famous guests on
  • Here is what happened in the latest episode

These stars became the first men invited to the project spearheaded by Prince Harry's wife. In the episode "Man-ifesting A Cultural Shift", the four celebrities talked about the labels that put women aside and how the media influences it. At some point during the talk, Meghan revealed to Andy Cohen that she was a big fan of his Watch What Happens Live show...

Why did she stop being a fan?

But another hit reality show became the focus of their discussions. The Duchess of Sussex and her guests talked about one of the most famous television franchises in recent years: The Real Housewives, which Meghan used to watch. They chatted for a bit about the franchise's appeal.

Also interesting:

Then things got real for Meghan. Her loyalty to the show was suddenly called into question. "I guess the million dollar question is: Do you still watch The Housewives?" Cohen, the show's executive producer, asked Meghan...

Watch the video to see her response!