Why do you rarely see royals close car doors for themselves? A reader put this question to the experts at the Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning.

It turns out there are several explanations. One answer is that the royals do not close car doors by hand. It's based on an old tradition that it was not considered "royal" to do such a thing.

Why Royals Don't Close Car Doors Themselves

It's also about showing respect to the people who wait for them when they arrive. The royals should concentrate on their hosts immediately, not turning their backs on them first to close the car door.

Duchess Meghan

A final explanation has to do with safety. The car doors may automatically lock when shut, which could pose a security risk should the royals need to re-enter the vehicle upon arriving at an engagement.

Despite the "tradition," Princess Sofia of Sweden recently shut the car door herself when she arrived at Karolinska Hospital. And also Duchess Meghan's sister-in-law Duchess Kate has done the same on several occasions over the years. Old habits from pre-royal life die hard, it would appear.

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