• Spare is the new tell-all memoir by Prince Harry
  • The royals gave Harry an "ultimatum" about the book
  • Queen Elizabeth II was apparently the deciding factor

Prince Harry's new book Spare has everyone talking these days. But it turns out: The royal nearly called off the entire thing a few months ago! 

It all had to do with the Queen. You may recall that Harry and his wife Meghan visited the UK for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. 

But after that visit with the royals, the publisher of Spare was actually told Prince Harry had "pulled" the book and that "he doesn't want to do it," a source has told The Times.

Prince Harry faced "ultimatum" from royals about Spare

According to the newspaper, the team behind Prince Harry's book believes he was given an "ultimatum" by the royals at the Jubilee.

The ultimatum was: Spare could not be published with the Queen still living. Or else there would be "no way back" for Harry with the Royal Family.

Also interesting:

Seemingly, Prince Harry took this seriously and actually informed Penguin Random House that his book – set for January 2023 – was cancelled. 

However, Queen Elizabeth II would pass away just a few months after her Jubilee, which is said to have "changed" the situation. 

Spare will now release four months after the Queen's death. Major headlines so far include Harry's feuding with Prince William, his opinions on Camilla, and his experiences in Iraq...

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