• Prince William and Duchess Kate are in the United States
  • They went to a basketball game
  • The couple was booed

Royals Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate (40) are currently on their tour without their children in the USA. There they made a detour to a basketball game in Boston on Wednesday.

William and Kate are not welcome

For Prince William and Duchess Kate, the actual enjoyable evening quickly became a disaster. Because when the spectator camera pointed to the royal couple in the game and the two could be seen on the big screen, there were boos and whistles.

Kate and William tried to smile away, but the Prince and Duchess were visibly uncomfortable with the reaction. But why was the couple so badly received by basketball fans?

Also interesting:

This is probably due to the latest royal scandal. Royal employee Lady Susan Hussey, who is also Prince William's godmother, recently resigned because of a racism scandal.

At a palace charity event, she repeatedly asked British entrepreneur Ngozi Fulani where she was "really" from. After the scandal, the royal family distanced themselves from Susan Hussey.

After Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry made allegations of racism in their Oprah interview, the latest scandal in America was probably the last straw.

The Harry & Meghan documentary, whose trailer from Netflix was released could make matters worse for William and Kate.