Prince William and Duchess Kate recently had a special video call with some young frontline workers from Ireland! As Hello! mentions, on Tuesday the Duke and Duchess of Sussex talked to students at Ulster University who are training to become nurses, hearing about their experiences and letting them know they're appreciated!

Kate says nurses are "needed now more than ever"

William and Kate hosted the call from Sandringham House, which the queen has allowed them to conduct business out of during the current lockdown. The royal couple listened to the future nurses open up about what it's like to be sitting exams as well as working towards their future profession, and expressed their gratitude towards them.

"Nursing is one of the most trusted professions in the country," Kate said to the group, "so you couldn't have chosen a better career choice and it's needed now more than ever." She then went on to tell them that their work during the pandemic "shows real commitment and real teamwork, and it should really be celebrated, so really well done."

William and Kate receive key rings at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 5 July 2020.

William and Kate share nursing student's video diary

William also addressed the fact that the nursing trainees are living through exceptional circumstances, working on the front lines in the midst of receiving an education. "It's very difficult for you guys to go straight into a pandemic I would imagine, that's really baptism by fire as they say, isn’t it?" he said.  

As Hello! mentions, William and Kate also had a private video call with Adult Nursing trainee Abigail McGarvey, who's currently in her first year of the program! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared part of their conversation on Instagram, as well as a video diary that McGarvey recorded to show what a typical day in the life for a student nurse looks like.