Queen Elizabeth II (92) has been Britain's reigning monarch for sixty-seven years and has been supported throughout all this time by her husband, Prince Philip (97). They have been married for more than seven decades and are clearly still in love. However, biographer A.N. Wilson has revealed that if the Queen had listened to her courtiers, she would never have married her great love.

Prince Philip was too funny for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth was advised not to marry the naval officer. Philip was too funny and was prone to making tactless comments. 

Wilson told The Telegraph, "When she made it quite clear from the age of about 14 that she was in love with Prince Philip, who was a beautiful German Prince with blond hair, all the courtiers said he was entirely the wrong person to choose".

The Queen and Prince Philip at Whipsnade Zoo

Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip in spite of being warned not to

In spite of being warned against the marriage, Queen Elizabeth II, who was still a princess at that time, and Prince Philip announced their engagement in July 1947 and got married four months later in Westminster Abbey.

In a speech she made on their golden wedding anniversary in 1997, Her Majesty thanked Prince Philip for all his support over the years and emphasized just what an important and valuable role he plays in her life.

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