• Meghan Markle reached out to thank Simon Rex
  • Markle and Rex worked together years ago
  • Rex shares what Meghan's letter said

Meghan Markle once took the time to write a special thank you to Simon Rex! Rex, who stars in the film Red Rocket, recently shared that he has a personal note from the Duchess of Sussex, which came after he turned down an enticing offer.

Rex shares that he framed Meghan's note to him

Meghan's personal life has been a popular target for U.K. tabloids since her relationship with Prince Harry began. However, Rex worked with Meghan well before that time, as they both appeared on a show called Cuts over a decade ago. He told The Guardian that several British newspapers attempted to get him to lie about Meghan, which he turned down.

Simon Rex attends the 2021 AFI Fest Official Screening of Red Rocket on November 12, 2021.

Despite the fact he was struggling with money at the time, the actor said that he would rather "be on food stamps" than sell a fake story about Meghan to the press. And as it turns out, his kindness was rewarded! Rex said he received a special message from the Duchess of Sussex. "She said: ‘It’s nice to know there are still good people,’" he revealed.

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Rex shared that the letter of appreciation he received from the royal got special treatment, as he went and framed it. Back in December, Meghan won her long-standing battle with a British tabloid, sharing why the win is so significant. And since she very rarely writes personal messages, the fact she took the time to reach out to Rex is certainly thoughtful!