• King Charles was officially crowned King
  • For the occasion, he wore a special coronation outfit
  • This is how much the robe of the King of Great Britain weighs

The crowning of King Charles III (74) is based on a centuries-old tradition. This includes the King wearing a special coronation outfit.

King Charles' coronation: This is the weight of the coronation outfit

King Charles wears a royal robe, which is made up of several individual garments: The so-called upper tunic consists of golden silk threads and is decorated with gold as well as silver applications and floral patterns. This tunic weighs about two kilograms and was made for King George V in 1911.

Over it, Charles wears a floor-length cape. It is held together by a golden clasp over the chest, which represents an eagle. The cloak dates back to 1821 and weighs around four kilograms. King Charles' coronation cloak alone thus weighs six kilograms.

King Charles III in coronation robe 

Also interesting:

Added to this is the weight of the crown. The St. Edward's Crown weighs two kilograms. It dates from 1661 and is worn exclusively during the coronation. 

King Charles crown