• Prince William is known for his sense of humor
  • He was talking to a cancer patient about his wife
  • THIS is what he said about Kate

The chat turned to his wife, and one man had a funny compliment to give. Prince William is committed to cancer research and visited patients and doctors at a cancer center on Thursday. While he was there he talked to a man whose cancer was being treated there. Despite the seriousness of the reason for the visit, the patient was joking.

William sure knows how to banter

As you can see in a video on the royal YouTube channel, the greeting was already funny. "You're a tall bugger, aren't you?" joked the man, who sat next to his wife on a sofa. "I have heels on," replied William boldly. 

Also interesting:

But the patient would much rather talk about Princess Kate. "And your wife's not bad. She's a nice lady,” he said. William was not about to let that slide...

Watch the video above to learn more!