• Lady Diana's brother Charles Spencer posts a never-before-seen photo
  • It shows the Princess with her brother and father
  • Royal fans recognize how similar Prince William looks to his mother

Actually, one should believe that all photos of Lady Diana (†36) are known. Charles Spencer (58), the younger brother of the princess who died in 1997, is currently surprising fans with a previously unpublished photo on Instagram.

Unpublished photo of Lady Diana: Prince William looks so much like his mother

The never-before-seen picture shows Lady Diana and her brother Charles Spencer with their father John Spencer (†68). The family photo is from 1989, three years before John Spencer's death. The occasion was a birthday party for the obviously proud father.

What the royal fans should notice immediately: Prince William (40) looks incredibly similar to his mother Diana. We can still see the distinctive smile of the popular Princess in her son William today.

Lady Diana's brother Charles Spencer: That's how much Prince George resembles his great-uncle

The fans of the British royal family do not only see the resemblance between Lady Diana and Prince William. "Young Prince George definitely has Spencer genes! He looks just like you!", one enthusiastic user commented on the photo. The young royal looks extremely similar to his ancestors.

Prince George at an event

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But the star of this unprecedented photo remains Princess Diana. A gorgeous woman both inside and out who we still miss dearly today.