• 2022 TV had it all: Sequels, prequels, and breakout series
  • From Wednesday to House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power
  • These were the Top 5 most popular TV shows of the year

2022 was a big year for series! There were new seasons of hit TV shows and breakout stars across the streaming world and cable television. 

So which TV series were the most popular of the year? After consulting with IMDb, Google Trends, Variety, and more, here are the Top 5. 

2022 in review: The TV Top 5!

People still appreciate a good Western! Coming in at No. 5 is Yellowstone, which released its fifth season in 2022. 

With episodes on the Paramount Network and streaming services, Yellowstone piled up viewing minutes this year.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was something of a surprise hit on Netflix. But viewers always like true crime.

The series about the notorious serial killer was a major success. It ranks fourth on the list.

In third place is The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. There are still many LOTR fans out there. They made the highly-anticipated series a massive hit on Amazon Prime.

After Yellowstone, Dahmer, and The Rings of Power are... 

At No. 2: It had a tough act to follow, but House of the Dragon was a viewing phenomenon throughout the year. 

The Game of Thrones prequel was hugely popular, even if it didn't quite reach the acclaim of the original series. 

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And No. 1: It's all about Wednesday these days. The Netflix "Addams Family" series turned into a viral megahit, breaking viewing records along the way and earning billions of minutes watched, despite a late-year release.

Wedesday was the most popular series of 2022, according to several metrics.

Other series to appear around most popular stats include: Andor, Euphoria, The White LotusMoon Knight...

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