Law & Order fans will soon be seeing familiar faces on the Lifetime channel.

In the coming weeks, actresses Diane Neal, Stephanie March, and Elisabeth Rohm will each be involved with a Lifetime original movie under the channel's slate of "Ripped from the Headlines" films — a fitting match for the stars who played ADAs on Law & Order and SVU.

Ex-Law & Order cast bringing movies to Lifetime channel

Neal, 45, portrayed "Casey Novak" on SVU, where March, 46, also portrayed "Alexandra Cabot," while Rohm, 47, portrayed "Serena Southerlyn" on the original Law & Order. Here are their Lifetime movies and when they'll air:

  • Rohm directs Girl in the Basement, airing Feb. 27
  • Neal stars in Circle of Deception, airing March 6
  • March stars in A House on Fire, airing March 13

The films—with stories on addiction, sexual abuse, and physical abuse—show on successive Saturdays, all at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The actors also joined ET for an interview ahead of the Lifetime movies, where they spoke on their new projects and memories of work with Law & Order.

Law & Order stars talk 2021 Lifetime movies

Of her time with SVU, March told ET: "I don't think there's one female, well, certainly not on this screen, who did not take away some of the work and then put it into action in her personal life."

"I think all three of us, and certainly Mariska [Hargitay], of course. The subject matter wasn't something you could just leave at work necessarily," March added.

Rohm praised Lifetime for tackling such difficult topics, saying the network is "committed to helping women and people in abusive situations become empowered and heroic in their own lives."

Law & Order: Elisabeth Rohm is bringing a new movie to Lifetime channel.

Neal also said of Lifetime: "They're on the cutting edge and they're so supportive of women." 

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