• The Swimmers is a hit film streaming on Netflix
  • It is based on a true story
  • Here are some facts about the film

The Swimmers from Netflix will teach you the true meaning of perseverance. This is a movie that is bound to pull on your heartstrings and make you shed a tear or two! The reviews are in, and producers have done it again! Here are five facts you should know about the film:

The Swimmers is just the feel-good movie we need right now

Let's start with the most important one. 1. The film is primarily based on the two sisters Yusra and Sarah Mardini. The two actresses Nathalie and Manal Issa, who embody the siblings, are also sisters, and so, it makes perfect sense that they would be cast together for such a momentous story.

Also interesting:

Moving on with our next fact. 2. Filming, which began in spring 2021, took place primarily in Turkey, but also in the UK and Belgium. The production was truly international crossing many borders to tell this larger than life story.

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