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7th Heaven

Brenda Hampton's creation, 7th Heaven became a hit in the 1990s/ This family drama originally aired from 1996 to 2007 and went on to become the longest-running series on WB and the longest-running television family drama! Seventh Heaven had a total of 11 seasons made up of over 200 episodes. 

The series followed the "Camden" family, headed by Pastor "Eric" so many of the issues addressed in the show were moral lessons. Heavy concepts were taken on in the series like racism, crime, domestic violence, sexuality, and more. 

Cast of Seventh Heaven

The series had a cast that made the Seventh Heaven incredibly addictive.

  • Stephen Collins as "Eric Camden"
  • Catherine Hicks as "Annie Camden"
  • Barry Watson as "Matt Camden"
  • David Gallagher as "Simon Camden"
  • Jessica Biel as "Mary Camden"
  • Beverley Mitchell as "Lucy Camden"

Seventh Heaven Fun Facts

  • In Spain, the title was adjusted to Seven in Paradise.
  • The creator came up with the series while writing for Mad About You.
  • Stephen Collins did not have to audition for his role of "Eric" he was asked to do it.
  • The quadruplets Lorenzo, Myrinda, Nikolas and Zachary Brino were initially in charge of interpreting the twins "Sam" and "David", later it was only Lorenzo and Nikolas.