• Nathan Fillion is known from Castle and Firefly
  • He currently stars on the TV show The Rookie
  • Will Fillion star in the new "Wonder Man" series?

Will Nathan Fillion take on the role of "Wonder Man" in a new series? That's what many fans are hoping, according to Screenrant.

As announced by The Hollywood Reporter, a new series based around the hero "Wonder Man" is coming in 2023. The lead role hasn't been announced yet, but Nathan Fillion has a history with the part.

Fans want Nathan Fillion back in the "Wonder Man" series

Nathan Fillion is best known for his role as crime novelist "Richard Castle" in the series Castle. He actually played "Wonder Man" in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 but ultimately didn't make it into the movie.

Also interesting:

"Wonder Man" is one of Marvel's oldest characters, debuting in The Avengers #9 from 1964. Originally, "Simon Williams" – the real name of "Wonder Man" – was a villain. It was only at the end of the 1970s that he became a hero.

In addition to superhuman speed, stamina and fighting talent, "Wonder Man" can also take on an ionic energy form.

Little is known about the "Wonder Man" series so far. Nor has Nathan Fillion commented on it yet. But fans hope to see Nathan in a new series soon...

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