• Luke Grimes stars on Yellowstone today
  • The popular actor had a scandal years back
  • He allegedly refused to "play gay" on a TV show

Actor Luke Grimes is becoming a TV favourite with Yellowstone. He's played the troubled but likeable "Kayce Dutton" since the series debuted in 2018.

But Grimes has actually been acting since the early 2000s. And years ago, he was at the centre of a controversy while still a lesser-known actor. It had to do with his former TV show True Blood.

Yellowstone star Luke Grimes had a scandal years ago

In 2013, Luke Grimes joined the HBO vampire series True Blood. He played "James" in season 6, but he unexpectedly quit the series before its seventh and final season.

Controversy erupted over the alleged reason Grimes left True Blood. He is said to have opposed a storyline that would've seen his character romantically involved with another man.

Luke Grimes exited True Blood in a scandal

At the time, BuzzFeed broke the story from the cast and crew, who said Luke Grimes exited because he didn't want to "play gay" — i.e., act out a same-sex love story.

He apparently refused to kiss another man or do a gay love scene, and quit when he didn't get his way. Instead, "James" was recast for season 7 and his love story with "Lafayette" (Nelsan Ellis) went ahead.

Also interesting:

Luke Grimes, however, denied the whole story. His rep said the True Blood exit was "a matter of scheduling" and cited the actor's parts in several films around the same time. But neither side of the dispute backed down.

In the end, Luke Grimes's scandal seems to be a he said, she said, but it still lingers around his name to this day.

The Yellowstone star is also a musician and is married to his wife Bianca.