• Rick Harrison first was married in 1982 and divorced three years later
  • His latest wife, whom he wed in 2013, secretly divorced Harrison in 2020
  • Harrison has been on Pawn Stars since 2009

Meet Rick Harrison's wives! The Pawn Stars alum has been married three times, and all three marriages have ended in divorce! But who are these ladies? We've got all the answers!

Meet the Mrs!

First up, we have the most recent divorce from Harrison, Deanna Burditt.  Deanna Burditt married Harrison quickly after he divorced his second wife, and the marriage lasted only 7 years.

Rick Harrison and DeAnna Burditt arrives at the MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Bob Dylan.

Burditt, who already had three daughters when she entered the marriage with Harrison, worked as an American legal secretary and amassed a net worth of $500,000 prior to her marriage to Harrison.

Before Burditt, there was Harrison's longest-lasting marriage, to whom he shares a son, Jake Harrison with his ex-wife Tracy.

Tracy and Rick married in 1986 and got divorced in 2011. When they initially met, it had only been 9 months since Harrison separated from his first wife, and Rick admitted in his autobiography that he "didn't bring much to the table" when he met her.

He was broke and living in Las Vegas at the time, and didn't have any money. In the book, License To Pawn, Harrison said that he was focused on raising his two sons from his previous marriage, and didn't have any interest in getting into a serious relationship. 

However, Tracy got a hold on his heart, and the two had a marriage last lasted almost 25 years.

Also Interesting:

Finally, we have Rick's first wife, Kim! Kim married Rick in 1982 but separated only three years later.

Despite that short marriage, Kim and Rick had two sons together, Corey, and Adam. 

Kim was a businesswoman and an author and continues to write today. Not much can be found on Rick's first wife, she keeps her name out of the limelight!