• Charlie Sheen is making a comeback
  • He has a new TV show called Ramble On
  • Sheen just updated fans on the show

One of Hollywood's most popular yet controversial stars is making a comeback. Actor Charlie Sheen, 56, has been away from TV since 2014. But it looks like the Two and a Half Men star is getting back in the game.

Ramble On: News on Charlie Sheen's new TV show

Last month, news came that Charlie Sheen is joining Entourage stars Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon in a new series called Ramble On. They have the pilot episode ready, and Sheen just gave a big update on Instagram.

"Big April ahead. Time to show the world what we did," Sheen wrote. He shared photos with the Ramble On cast, which also includes his father Martin Sheen. They don't have a network or streamer just yet, but it looks like they're set to present the show.

Charlie Sheen explained: "We all had the same goal, to set ourselves on a path to make a show very differently than almost anyone has before. Tremendous risks and sacrifices have been made by many. Now the time has come to see if it pays off."

In Ramble On, Sheen, Connolly, and Dillon play versions of themselves. According to Deadline, it's a dramedy about the trio as they "reinvent their voices" in Hollywood. In his post, Sheen added that the shoot was "easily the BEST 3 days of my entire career!"

Also interesting:

Charlie Sheen fans should stay tuned for more on Ramble On. We last saw Sheen on TV regularly in 2014, when Anger Management ended.

Before that, Sheen was fired from his hugely popular show Two and a Half Men due to addiction and behavioural issues. Then there was the whole "winning!" and "tiger blood" era...

But the controversial star still has many fans to this day.