The cast of the Downton Abbey movie on the red carpet with Julian Fellowes.

He'll get started writing the new movie after his current projects!

'Downton Abbey 2' Is Happening! Creator Julian Fellowes Has Confirmed A Sequel

In addition to Alison Brie, Horse Girl will feature Molly Shannon, Debby Ryan, and John Reynolds. Netflix describes Horse Girl as follows: "Sarah (Alison Brie), an awkward woman with a fondness for crafts, horses, and supernatural crime shows, finds her increasingly lucid dreams trickling into her waking life."

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A trailer arrives for Horse Girl

Netflix uploaded the official trailer for Horse Girl to its YouTube channel on Tuesday. Take in the first look at Alison Brie and this supernatural version of the "horse girl" personality type in Netflix's Horse Girl!

Netflix's official trailer for Horse Girl

Horse Girl is set for its debut screening at Sundance Film Festival later this month. It will then premiere on Netflix on Friday, February 7. Thriller and horror fans will want to catch this one!

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