• Ally McBeal returns!
  • Calista Flockhart slips back into her classic role
  • But this time there will be a different protagonist

Great news for Ally McBeal fans! The cult series, which ran across screens worldwide between 1997 and 2002 and made Calista Flockhart a star, is to be revived.

Calista Flockhart will reprise her iconic role

And Flockhart herself will be back reprising her iconic role as the lawyer "Ally McBeal" - though she won't be the lead character. As Deadline reports, the show will turn to a new protagonist.

The latter is said to have just graduated from law school in the series and is starting at the same law firm as "Ally". This lawyer is said to be the daughter of "Ally McBeal's" best friend "Renée Raddick", played by Lisa Nicole Carson.

It's not yet clear if Carson will also be in the show, though Calista Flockhart herself will also appear as a producer of the series.

Unfortunately, other fan favorites will not be involved. Inventor David E. Kelley won't be a part of the project. Instead, showrunner Karin Gist will be in charge of the show. She was previously a writer for Grey's Anatomy and House of Lies and has worked as a lawyer herself.

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