• Ragnarok is a successful Netflix series
  • The fantasy drama from Norway debuted in 2020
  • Meet the Ragnarok cast in our video!

The Norwegian fantasy television series Ragnarok premiered on the streaming service Netflix in 2020 and announced another season shortly after.

Ragnarok is one of the top Netflix shows in recent years. But the actors of the series are mostly still unknown as most are from Norway. So, here are the stars of Ragnarok.

Netflix's Ragnarok Cast Is Mostly From Norway

David Stakston played "Magne" in the series Ragnarok. He was born in North Carolina, but grew up in Florida and Oslo, Norway. Before Ragnarok, the actor already had experience on the Norwegian series Skam.

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Theresa Frostad Eggesbø plays the role of "Saxa" in the series. Like David, she had already starred in Skam, but has also been seen in other productions. She also appeared in the series Threesome as "Zoe" in 2021. The actress is also a passionate singer, as can be seen on her Instagram account.

As "Fjor", Herman Tømmeraas stars in Ragnarok. The handsome actor is actually a dancer and has been dancing since he was seven years old. But Herman also has a lot to offer in terms of acting... 

Watch the video above to meet the full cast of Ragnarok on Netflix!