• Stranger Things season 4 just arrived on Netflix
  • The new episodes broke a Netflix streaming record
  • Stranger Things is more watched than Bridgerton

After a three-year wait, Stranger Things fans couldn't wait a day longer for the new stories from "Hawkins." Because as Netflix has now announced, the fourth season of Stranger Things had the most successful launch week ever – and that was after only three days!

Strangers Things beat Bridgerton's Netflix record in three days

From just May 27 to May 29, fans around the world watched a total of 287 million hours of the season. This puts Stranger Things in first place for the most successful launch week. This place was last held by the second season of Bridgerton.

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The British series Bridgerton piled up millions and millions of views in its launch week. But with 193 million hours, it now has to settle for second place.

Netflix does not plan to release Part 2 of the new Stranger Things season until July, but we will certainly see record numbers again then as well.