Sex and the City fans will get to see their favourite characters return to television very soon! A new trailer for the upcoming HBO Max spinoff And Just Like That... has dropped, showing what "Carrie," "Charlotte," and "Miranda's" lives look like years after the show ended.

Sex and the City revival to be released in December 

Sex and the City originally ran from 1998 to 2006, introducing the world to Sarah Jessica Parker's "Carrie Bradshaw" and her close-knit group of friends. After the show concluded its run, there were two Sex and the City movies, both of which received theatrical releases. It was announced some time ago that the show would be returning with an HBO Max reboot, which would pick up in the present day. 

The trailer features voiceover narration from "Carrie," who we learn now hosts a podcast. While Cynthia Nixon's "Miranda" and Kristin Davis's "Charlotte" are both in the series with much older kids, actress Kim Cattrall opted not to return as "Samantha". Faces both old and new fill out the cast, including Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez. It appears that an effort to improve upon the show's diversity was made after Nixon called the series "white" and "very dated."


And Just Like That... makes its debut on HBO Max on December 9. While the first two episodes are set to be released on that day, fans of the show will have to watch the rest of the 10-episode series on a weekly basis! That's because as Entertainment Tonight reports, the streaming platform will release new episodes on Thursdays, with the first season concluding on February 3. 

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