Arnold Schwarzenegger has one-upped the trend of children crashing celebrity and talk show host quarantine videos. 

He gave an at-home interview on Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live From His House - Kimmel's quarantine edition of his usual late night talk show. And thankfully, Arnold's pets made an encore appearance!

Miniature horse, Whiskey, and donkey, Lulu, had earlier helped out in Schwarzenegger's social distancing video in mid-March. This time around, the actor and politician joined Kimmel to chat about policy and the coronavirus. But the pets certainly stole the show.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's pets: Whiskey and Lulu

The new interview provided insight into the Schwarzenegger household dynamic, which evidently offers free rein to Whiskey and Lulu. 

"They roam around the house. They go upstairs, they go downstairs, they're all over the place," Schwarzenegger said. "They watch me when I work out and everything like that. It's really fantastic. They try, of course, for the same food. Whiskey, she just loves to have oatmeal cookies. My favorite dessert is oatmeal cookies, so of course they take all my oatmeal cookies away. Right, Whiskey?"

Host Jimmy Kimmel also clearly enjoyed the special guests, as he is heard laughing throughout the interview. At times, they block the camera, take in a close-up, interrupt with noise, and enjoy lunch - which appears to take place at the Schwarzenegger dining room table.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger preaches unity and safety amid coronavirus

During the interview, Schwarzenegger spoke on unity across political lines during the COVID-19 crisis.

Actor Edward Norton also appears later in the interview from his home.

In case you missed Whiskey and Lulu's social distancing message, you can watch it below.