The rose ceremony recap goes as follows: Derek gives his rose to Demi, Clay gives his rose to Nicole, Wills gives his rose to Katie, Kevin gives his rose to Sydney, John Paul Jones gives his rose to Onyeka, Cam gives his rose to Caelynn, Dylan gives his rose to Hannah, Blake gives his rose to Tayshia and Chris gives his rose to Kristina. This means that Jane, Bibiana and Annaliese all go home... 

Jordan Kimball is the "Mayor of Paradise"

The new arrivals of the week are Jordan Kimball and Mike Johnson (who we all hope will be the next Bachelor). Jordan wants to chat up Hannah because they are both models so he thinks it could be a "Barbie and Ken" situation. Unfortunately, Hannah has her hands tied with both Blake and Dylan. Ultimately, Jordan catches wind of what Blake did at Stagecoach and confronts him about it but then ends up asking Nicole on a date, who goes and they have lots of fun. Nicole returns and goes straight back to Clay and says that "there's no comparison" to him. AWW!

Cam is devastated

Mike decides to take Caelynn on the date to which Cam is absolutely devastated... A little too devastated. Mike and Caelynn share a smooch or two and have a great time on their date. Meanwhile back at the beach, Wills tries to pursue Katie and she shuts him down and then proceeds to start things up with Chris (we did not see that one coming!) Poor Wills.

Hannah: "She's a freaking player!" 

Hannah is in a love triangle with Blake and Dylan and people are starting to think that Hannah is also a player. It is clear that Dylan is the obvious choice but for some reason Hannah just can't shake her infatuation with Blake. Blake steals Hannah for a romantic night and starts dancing with her on the beach and kissing her right in front of Dylan. Dylan gets up the courage to interrupt and a bit of an exchange of words happen where Hannah literally just stands there mute. We will have to see how this all plays out tonight... Stay tuned!