Well Bachelor Nation, it's been one whole week since the dramatic season finale of The Bachelorette aired finding Hannah Brown without a fiancé at the end of her journey. We are now moving onto the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise where the fun has just begun! Let's start out with who all will all be in Mexico hoping to find love.

The men in Bachelor in Paradise season 6

For the men, some of those we get to see are Blake Horstmann, Wills Reid and Clay Harbor all from Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette; Dylan, Kevin, Cam and John Paul Jones all from Hannah's season. We can expect some more surprises along the way...

The women in Bachelor in Paradise season 6

For the women, Hannah G., Katie, Sydney, Tayshia, Demi, Onyeka, Jane, Nicole and Caelynn from Colton's season of The Bachelor will all be there; and Annaliese and Bibiana from Arie's season as well as Kristina is back from Nick's season and Bachelor in Paradise season 4. 

Blake Horstmann is in a mess already

Before the premiere (and Bachelor in Paradise), Blake had slept with Caelynn, Kristina and been messaging Hannah G., so basically the Blake Show is about to begin and the drama between Blake and his women will unfold no doubt as time goes on. We saw Blake ask Tayshia on a date last night which seemed to go rather well until Kristina showed up and asked Blake on a date. Which ended up in a surprise twist as Kristina basically wanted to seek revenge on Blake and "make him [her] bitch" after what he did to her. You go girl!

Demi Burnett: "I just like who I like"

Demi has recently been open about her fluid sexually which is a Bachelor Nation first and we are here for it. According to teasers, she supposedly falls in love with a woman on the show, however on night one we see her getting rather intimate with Derek in the hot tub. We are so looking forward to watching Demi's love story unfold!

Hannah G. and Dylan getting cozy

Hannah G. and Dylan cozy up to one another on night one as Hannah was disappointed that Blake didn't ask her to go on the date with him. Dylan admits to Hannah that he is "very into" her. This could be a good match... It's only been the first two hours of this week's BIP run and we are already hooked! Stay tuned for all the recaps...