This season of Bachelor in Paradise was not short on drama whatsoever. However, many couples left the show either together in committed relationships or even engaged! We are so excited for all the love that was found this year and well not so excited for the break-ups, but let's get right down to it starting with the fantasy suites.

Bachelor in Paradise Fantasy Suites

Chris B. and Katie were a little rocky heading into the final night in Paradise however Chris finally opens up to Katie and assures her that he's falling in love with her at the hotel. They wake up just as giddy as ever, but is a proposal on the horizon? Dylan and Hannah are still very much in love and the only thing that seems to be holding them back from getting married on the spot is the fact that they haven't met each others families. Everything is aligned perfectly for Demi and Kristian! They are more in love then ever and absolutely adorable. Clay and Nicole shock fans by not spending the last night together in the fantasy suite. Clay says that he's not "100 percent ready to move in together" and Nicole is shocked and obviously very sad. 

Bachelor in Paradise Proposal Day

As Bachelor Nation predicted, Clay and Nicole didn't end up getting engaged. Clay wanted to take things slower and get to know each other more but Nicole was having none of it. She didn't want to tell people they are together if Clay doesn't love her back. On a happier note, Chris finally decides to put on a ring on and Katie is so happy! We're not crying, you're crying. Next up is Dylan and Hannah, they get engaged are as cute and happy as ever! Dylan has loved her since day one. Demi and Kristian's love story is a beautiful one and a first for the Bachelor franchise. After sharing some heartfelt words, Demi gets down on one knee and proposes to Kristian who no doubt says yes! So much love. 

Bachelor in Paradise: After the Final Rose 

John Paul Jones and Derek got the chance to hash out some more of their beef, Jordan and Christian got to talk about their showdown on the beach that led to them both being kicked off the show, Tayshia and Hannah discuss their short-lived feud over Blake visiting Hannah in Birmingham, Caelynn is glad she followed her heart and has even spent a few nights in Dean's van, Caelynn and Blake get some time to talk about the text message release on Instagram fiasco.

During some filler time, Bachelor in Paradise alumni Jade, Tanner and Emmy and Carly, Evan and Bella are brought on stage. We even got to find out that Carly and Evan are having a... Wells?! They are having a little boy! 

So Much Love in Paradise

We then get to see Tayshia in the hot seat who broke up with JPJ on the beach and then couldn't stop thinking about him and flew to his hometown to ask for him back. He said yes! Very exciting news for those two love birds. Katie and Chris on the other hand have not been doing so good since Paradise. They are still engaged, but Katie feels she isn't getting enough from Chris. By the end of their conversation, they seem to end on a good note and still together! Hannah and Dylan are as happy as ever and Hannah has even moved to California to be with Dylan! Swoon. Demi and Kristian are also still very much in love and at the end of their chat to Chris Harrison, Kristian proposes to Demi and now they both have stunning Neil Lane rings! 

We are ecstatic for all the love that was had on Paradise this season and we can't wait to see what exciting things come for all the members of Bachelor Nation! Stay tuned for more on who the next Bachelor is right here... 

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