• 'Euphoria' season 3 is postponed again
  • Writer's strike is causing delays
  • We have a rough guess for release date

Fans will have to wait even longer for 'Euphoria' to return

There are many series which have been delayed due to the current writers' strike in the United States.

"Even though everything is on hold at the moment, I hope we can come to an agreement sooner than later. (...) At this point, the programmes I want to broadcast would not necessarily be ready if this strike lasted six to nine months," HBO drama director Francesca Orsi told 'Deadline'.

"Euphoria is one of those that we started writing in parallel with the post-production of 'The Idol', but at that point we didn't have countless scripts," says Orsi. "We can't start filming, so the delivery of this show - ideally in 2025 - will depend on when we can continue with Sam, who has lowered all his pens at this point and is just finishing his contributions to 'The Idol'," she says.

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Viewers of the popular series will have to wait even longer than previously assumed. Writers in Hollywood have called for a strike to speak out against emerging competition from artificial intelligence and low wages.