• Two Netflix stars were killed in a tragic accident
  • A vehicle overturned on the set of The Chosen One
  • The terrible incident occurred in Mexico on June 16

Once again, an accident on set has taken the lives of two film stars. A serious car crash occurred in Mexico on the set of the Netflix series The Chosen One, claiming the lives of two actors and injuring six other crew members.

The Chosen One: Two Netflix actors killed in accident

Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar are the actors who lost their lives on June 16 when their van overturned on the set of Netflix's The Chosen One.

It is not yet known how the tragic accident could have happened, but accusations are emerging that the set was not safe, as The Daily Beast reports.

Also interesting:

According to the report, members of the series allege that the transport was unsafe and that Netflix and the production company Redrum did not properly address their concerns.

The series The Chosen One is based on the American Jesus comics about a boy who is the reincarnation of Christ. Netflix has not yet commented on the tragedy, as an investigation is still underway.

Filming of The Chosen One is now on hold. See the video above for the full story.