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Beverly Hills 90210

The story created by Darren Star was seen for the first time on October 4, 1990, and would continue for about ten years ending in May 2000. It followed a group of young upper-class friends from Beverly Hills, California. The show quickly became one of the most iconic and addictive shows on TV.

At first, the main characters were the "Walsh" twins, "Brandon" (Jason Priestley) and "Brenda" (Shannen Doherty), who moved with their parents, from a suburb of Minneapolis to the luxurious Beverly Hills. Shortly after, the story focused on other aspects of California youth news such as sexuality, sexual assault, alcoholism, drug abuse, youth suicide, and early pregnancy, leaving aside the initial format.

The series spoke to young people

The series marked a milestone among the youth of its time who at first tuned in out of sheer curiosity to see the lives of people their age in one of the most luxurious and famous neighborhoods in the United States. They exaggerated upper-class life but soon found that the series spoke to them in a much more personal way. While the women wanted "Dylan" and "Brandon" as boyfriends, they also made them see that they weren't perfect. Despite the tremendous ratings, things began to decline with the departure of Shannon Doherty due to her bad attitude behind the scenes, shortly after Luke Perry decided to abandon ship as well, and with everyone's favorite couple out, many young people felt that they no longer it was worth continuing.

Beverly Hills, 90210 Fun Facts

  • The on-screen rivalry between Shannon Doherty and Jeannie Garth was worse behind the scenes.
  •  Tori Spelling ("Donna") has commented that for months no one spoke to her because her father was the producer of the series and they felt that she had not won the role.
  • There was a much less successful reunion.