Black Mirror episodes consistently give an alternate reality to highlight modern technology capabilities, artificial intelligence and the detrimental effects these can have on humanity. The show is streamed on Netflix and has featured very famous celebrities such as Miley Cyrus even. 

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An example of an episode is San Junipero. The episode is set in a beach resort town named San Junipero, where the introverted "Yorkie" (Mackenzie Davis) meets the more outgoing "Kelly" (Gugu Mbatha-Raw). San Junipero is revealed to be a simulated reality where the deceased can live and the elderly can visit, all inhabiting their younger selves' bodies. It is essentially a place to escape to when one can no longer bear their own lives and one dreams of being youthful again. This episode is however the least graphic and disturbing episode of any of the series. In others, the plots usually follow someone being trapped in a situation they cannot get out of and experiencing a reality that is extremely distressing. All episodes are available to be viewed on Netflix.