• Actress Amy Carlson starred as "Linda Reagan" on Blue Bloods
  • She was a part of the series from seasons 1 through 7
  • This is why "Linda" disappeared suddenly in season 8

For years, TV fans were used to seeing actress Amy Carlson star as "Linda Reagan" on Blue Bloods.

"Linda" was the wife of "Danny Reagan" (Donnie Wahlberg), with whom she shared two sons. She starred on Blue Bloods from seasons 1 through 7.

However, when Blue Bloods season 8 came around, "Linda Reagan" was no where to be seen.

Blue Bloods said goodbye to "Linda Reagan" in season 8

Shockingly, the season 8 premiere revealed that "Linda" had died in a helicopter crash. The event occurred off-screen and caught fans totally off guard.

It was later revealed that her death was no accident. The Mexican cartel was blamed for the crash that took "Linda's" life.

But there was another reason why this all happened. And it explains why "Linda" disappeared between seasons without the chance to say goodbye.

The real reason actress Amy Carlson exited Blue Bloods

It turns out "Linda" actress Amy Carlson's contract with Blue Bloods and CBS expired after season 7. She herself chose to not get her contract renewed.

So that was that for Amy Carlson on Blue Bloods. Rather than recast the part, the show's producers chose to write "Linda Reagan" out.

Also interesting:

A rough instance of behind-the-scenes business impacting a show! As a result, "Linda" was killed off without as much as a farewell episode or scene.

Carlson never explained her reason for exiting, but she did comment on the harsh fate of her character.

"I feel badly that she dies the way she dies. I did not know they would do that, I was surprised. I wouldn't have done that," Carlson told Deadline in 2017.

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