Multitalented director and comedian Jordan Peele returns with his newest horror film, Candyman, this summer!

Peele won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his film, Get Out, in 2017. The actor and comedian was previously known for his work on the sketch series Key & Peele with his collaborator, Keegan-Michael Key.

Watch the trailer for Peele's Candyman remake below.

Get Out's Jordan Peele remakes Candyman - first trailer

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Jordan Peele: New movie after Us and Get Out

Candyman is Peele's latest project following his hugely successful 2017 satirical horror film, Get Out, as well as Us from 2019.

Candyman is a remake of the film of the same title from 1992. Reportedly, the remake will have Tony Todd and Vanessa A. Williams reprise their roles from the original film.

The legend in the film says that if you say "Candyman" five times while looking in a mirror, the "Candyman" will appear and kill you. Peele referenced the legend in a tweet earlier this week.

Jordan Peele taunts fans on Twitter with Candyman reference

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Candyman remake is Jordan Peele's new movie

Candyman is set for a June 2020 release date. This is one that horror fans won't want to miss, given Peele's track record with films like Get Out and Us, which starred Lupita Nyong'o. 

Peele recently produced the new Amazon series Hunters starring Al Pacino. He also featured as the voice of "Bunny" in Toy Story 4 last year.

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