Run is an upcoming horror film from director Aneesh Chaganty. American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson stars in the film as "Diane," an overprotective parent to her daughter, "Chloe." The daughter will be played by newcomer Kiera Allen.

Watch the first official trailer for Run

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Actress Sarah Paulson stars in the new horror movie

Run is scheduled to hit theatres on May 8 - just in time for Mother's Day weekend.

Its director and co-writer, Aneesh Chaganty, is known for his previous thriller film, Searching, which starred John Cho and Debra Messing in 2018.

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The new trailer for the horror movie, Run

The trailer for Run sees daughter "Chloe," who is in a wheelchair, grow increasingly troubled by her mother's obsessive behaviour. The film is noted to explore how "Chloe" discovers secrets about her mother, Paulson's "Diane."

Run looks like another tense horror thriller to watch for in the coming months! Catch it in theatres this Mother's Day weekend on May 8. 

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